Enrollment Kits

How to purchase Essential Oils

How can you buy dōTERRA essential oils?

dōTERRA is sold only through wellness advocates. We share through family and friends, in person and only classes and websites.
You have the options to buy the oils at full retail price or join with a wholesale membership.
This wholesale membership is open to anyone, whether you want the discount just for yourself,
or want to share and earn with dōTERRA.

There are no monthly fees and no requirements to sell or buy.
The wholesale membership is for personal discount.

How much do doTERRA oils cost?

The wholesale account is $35 for a year and gives you 25% off of everything.
You can log in and monitor your account, order more, etc. and that is FREE.
After 1 year if you want to renew your dōTERRA membership you pay $25 and
they send you a free Peppermint ($20.50 wholesale value). It’s a great deal!
You are not required to buy monthly, sell anything or even buy again (but you’ll want to!)

Why buy an enrollment kit?

You save the most money starting with a kit instead of separate oils.
You save that $35 and get your Wholesale Membership included for FREE!

DoTERRA Enrollment Kits:

AromaTouch Diffused

Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets

Cleanse & Restore

Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit

Home Essentials

Natural Solutions

Every Oil Kit

Diamond Kit