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Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

May 2021 Monthly Specials When you have an account with us you get a different special every month.  If you are part of the monthly Awards Program, you get free stuff too! Wow! ! May US promos! 2 oils we need to learn more about! 

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas… Remember the kids are not going to bring home Mother’s Day Gifts this year, but we have you covered!! Purchase Here Purchase Here Purchase Here Purchase Here Purchase Here More Bundles Available

Not Just Another MLM

We are NOT just an essential oil company selling essential oils and we certainly are NOT just another MLM. Sure you can purchase essential oils anywhere these days, but do you know what is in that bottle you just took off a shelf? Who do you have to help you learn how to use the product for your health and wellness? Is it even something that you can use for that?Can you sample that product before you even purchase it? No! Yes, I am a health and wellness coach using dōTERRA essential oils and I LOVE teaching people how to use these oils and products to reduce toxins and synthetics in their daily life. There is an oil for EVERYTHING! One of my favorite things about this company, and there are several, is that dōTERRA is for health & wellness, they are changing the direction of healthcare through direct primary care medical clinics. Clinics! They want to change health care and give us back control over our health and wellness. Let me know if you want to know about this amazing company. I host work shops and classes at my home or at your business or home. FREE info! And free samples. I want people to know that they have other options to take care of their families bodies. I would be selfish to not share this information! pmhclinics.com   www.facebook.com/pmhclinics

FREE Stuff

There’s not too many places you can shop and earn FREE Stuff! If your already using these amazing products then it only makes sense that you should purchase some for you family and friends for gifts this year!

New Enrollment Kits

New Enrollment Kits

dōTERRA has introduced New Enrollment Kits this week! Here is a link to check them out and enroll if you haven’t already. Enrollment Kits We still have the awesome Natural Solutions Kit for anyone who really wants to start changing or enhancing their toxin free 

November 2019

It’s a new month with new specials. Most of our Holiday Products are available starting today. Please know things usually sell out fast, so don’t wait if you want something. And order in you LRP to get the most bang for your buck!

New members who sign up this month with a starter kit get 50 product points (dōTERRA $$) to spend in December!

November Promotions