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On Guard

On Guard

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET THESE SAVINGS!!!!! What better way to prepare for Fall and Back to School. These products are MUST HAVE’S in my home and they should be must have’s in YOUR home too – with “germ season” almost upon us!!!! 



🚨 These special offers will only be available Monday, December 6th 2021 through Friday, December 10th 2021 while supplies last! BOGOs ▪️Both of these BOGOs are available starting Monday, December 6th, while supplies last. Limit of five for each BOGO. ❇️ Buy Thinker® Focus Blend 

November 2021 BOGOS are back

November 2021 BOGOS are back

🗣BOGOs are BACK and better than ever… WITH BUY 5 GET 7 FREE in the BOGO BOX!👀

This BOGO week will be Tuesday – Saturday and will start with the BOGO Box with a savings of $191 and 7 FREE products. See attached benefits for the oils we do know! These are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST for the bogo box so you will want to move quickly because the ones we know about are oils we all use daily, so they will go fast.

Here are the details:

The BOGO Box is the easiest way to participate! Get all the BOGOs for the week conveniently together!
The BOGO Box will be available starting tomorrow, November 16th, while supplies last.
Free special perk of Adaptiv roller with the BOGO BOX ONLY. Order it in your LRP cart to earn $18.20 – $54.60 back in your rewards cart, plus your shipping refunded (goes into your rewards points) on every LRP order. You will NOT need an additional item to process your LRP order if purchasing the BOGO box. If the BOGO Box is saved on your template, it will be swapped with the Aroma Touch Kit upon sellout. Just edit your cart before you order next month.

🔊 The BOGO Box includes:
Adaptiv Touch—exclusive gift with the box
Rose Touch
Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules
Copaiba 15mL
Lavender 15mL
dōTERRA On Guard® 15mL
Plus, six additional products!

BOGO Box Details:
SKU 60219600
Wholesale $197.00 | 182 PV
Total Wholesale Value $388.00
Save $191 wholesale
Limit 3 per account

🚨 We’re excited to announce FREE enrollment with the BOGO Box for new customers again! That’s right, when someone buys this week’s BOGO Box and enrolls, we’ll give them free membership. As you know membership has amazing benefits, so tell your friends and family about this deal if they want their own wholesale account – available while supplies last! (Enrollment Box SKU: 60219601)

🚨BOGO Day 1: Buy Lavender, Get Arborvitae! To kick off this week of individual BOGOs we have an amazing deal for you! November 16th, buy Lavender 15 mL and get Arborvitae 5 mL for free!

🚨Remember, all BOGOs are only available while supplies last, so act fast and spread the word… Make sure to follow along as always in our private facebook group: YesTheresAnOilForThat

Happy Oiling!!

Avoiding Toxins

Avoiding Toxins

From birth, the human body is designed to protect against and remove as many toxins as possible. Toxins are all around us—in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the chemicals we clean with. “Toxic load” refers to the volume of toxic substances that 



Terrazyme is a Digestive Enzyme Complex of a proprietary blend of active whole-food enzymes & supporting cofactors that are often deficient in cooked, processed, & preservative-laden foods. The powerful combination of digestive enzymes found in TerraZyme supports the body’s constant production of enzymes critical for 

October 2021 Promos

October 2021 Promos

New Products and amazing October Promos
Order the convention kit ** IN YOUR LRP ** with the glass bottles plus another 25 PV and get tons of free stuff…
$117.25 in savings and free stuff PLUS earn $20-$60 in rewards points!!

💧 Free Copaiba Softgels & Deep Blue Rub with 200 PV order (available while supplies last)

💧Free Cypress oil with 125 PV order by Oct 15

💧10% off Pink Pepper oil

🙌🏻Pro tip: The Evolve we products convention tour kit is 175 PV – simply add 25 more PV and get free Cypress, Deep Blue Rub and Copaiba Softgels.

💥Limited Time Offer Products

The below items will launch October 1st and will be available while supplies last!

Hygge Cozy Blend 15mL
Wholesale $29.50 | 29.5 PV
Limit 1

Sensitive Carrier Oil
Wholesale 16.50 | 15 PV
Limit 4

Body Carrier Oil
Wholesale $24.50 | 20 PV
Limit 4

Shop New Products: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/pl/convention-products

💧Abode cleaner concentrate 4 pack (saves 25%)
4-pack Details
SKU 60219968
Wholesale $26.25 |19 PV

Additionally, we would like to remind you that the individual abode dispensers have been delayed, but starting October 1st you can purchase the Convention Tour Kit with the 4-1 Dispenser Bundle. The Abode Hand Wash and Lotion have also been delayed but will be included in the convention tour kits.

Evolve Convention Tour Kit Details

The Evolve Kit will be available to purchase online as well as on-site at a tour event. New members can enroll online and on-site with the membership waived. Kits will also be available to purchase on LRP orders with at least one additional item with PV.

Kit Options:

Evolve Tour Kit
SKU 60218895
Wholesale $210 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $37.75

Evolve Tour Enrollment Kit for new members
SKU 60219407
Wholesale $210 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $72.75

Evolve Tour Kit + Dispenser Add-ons
SKU 60220406
Wholesale $238 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $43.75

Evolve Tour Enrollment Kit + Dispenser Add-ons
SKU 60220407
Wholesale $238 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $78.75

In summary- just get a convention kit with the bottles and add on 25 more PV and get all the new products and a ton of free stuff😂