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🚨 These special offers will only be available Monday, December 6th 2021 through Friday, December 10th 2021 while supplies last! BOGOs ▪️Both of these BOGOs are available starting Monday, December 6th, while supplies last. Limit of five for each BOGO. ❇️ Buy Thinker® Focus Blend 

November 2021 BOGOS are back

November 2021 BOGOS are back

🗣BOGOs are BACK and better than ever… WITH BUY 5 GET 7 FREE in the BOGO BOX!👀 This BOGO week will be Tuesday – Saturday and will start with the BOGO Box with a savings of $191 and 7 FREE products. See attached benefits for 

October 2021 Promos

October 2021 Promos

New Products and amazing October Promos
Order the convention kit ** IN YOUR LRP ** with the glass bottles plus another 25 PV and get tons of free stuff…
$117.25 in savings and free stuff PLUS earn $20-$60 in rewards points!!

💧 Free Copaiba Softgels & Deep Blue Rub with 200 PV order (available while supplies last)

💧Free Cypress oil with 125 PV order by Oct 15

💧10% off Pink Pepper oil

🙌🏻Pro tip: The Evolve we products convention tour kit is 175 PV – simply add 25 more PV and get free Cypress, Deep Blue Rub and Copaiba Softgels.

💥Limited Time Offer Products

The below items will launch October 1st and will be available while supplies last!

Hygge Cozy Blend 15mL
Wholesale $29.50 | 29.5 PV
Limit 1

Sensitive Carrier Oil
Wholesale 16.50 | 15 PV
Limit 4

Body Carrier Oil
Wholesale $24.50 | 20 PV
Limit 4

Shop New Products: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/pl/convention-products

💧Abode cleaner concentrate 4 pack (saves 25%)
4-pack Details
SKU 60219968
Wholesale $26.25 |19 PV

Additionally, we would like to remind you that the individual abode dispensers have been delayed, but starting October 1st you can purchase the Convention Tour Kit with the 4-1 Dispenser Bundle. The Abode Hand Wash and Lotion have also been delayed but will be included in the convention tour kits.

Evolve Convention Tour Kit Details

The Evolve Kit will be available to purchase online as well as on-site at a tour event. New members can enroll online and on-site with the membership waived. Kits will also be available to purchase on LRP orders with at least one additional item with PV.

Kit Options:

Evolve Tour Kit
SKU 60218895
Wholesale $210 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $37.75

Evolve Tour Enrollment Kit for new members
SKU 60219407
Wholesale $210 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $72.75

Evolve Tour Kit + Dispenser Add-ons
SKU 60220406
Wholesale $238 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $43.75

Evolve Tour Enrollment Kit + Dispenser Add-ons
SKU 60220407
Wholesale $238 | 175 PV
Wholesale Savings $78.75

In summary- just get a convention kit with the bottles and add on 25 more PV and get all the new products and a ton of free stuff😂

Get ready for dōTERRA® Dollar Days!

Get ready for dōTERRA® Dollar Days!

This month, when someone enrolls with a $150 or more enrollment order, they will receive 50 points—or “dōTERRA® dollars”—that can be redeemed for free products! And, in more good news, the Aroma Essentials Collection will count as an exception for this promotion at $149.50! Ready 

Midnight Forest

“Shinrin yoku” is Japanese for forest bathing. Do you ever feel the need to take a walk among the trees to regain your sense of self and reconnect with nature? Do you ever actually go for that walk? Enter one of the newest doTERRA® oil 

Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

May 2021 Monthly Specials

When you have an account with us you get a different special every month.  If you are part of the monthly Awards Program, you get free stuff too!
Wow! ! May US promos! 2 oils we need to learn more about! Use 3-6 drops Geranium in your hot tub to help keep our skin healthy before you get in and a
couple drops tea tree and lemon after you get out! Geranium is also key for skin health and anti aging for your face plus a hormone helper❤️
Clementine is free this month!


It’s time for Clementine! With Clementine essential oil, you’ll have the option to clean surfaces naturally, and
provide a sweet citrus smell without worrying about toxins.  Clementines are mainly produced in Brazil for the
fresh fruit industry. The pieces of fruit that can’t be sold (often because of blemishes or bruises) are used to
produce juice and essential oil. This additional use provides farmers with income for fruit that would have
otherwise been wasted.  Do not miss your chance to get this LTO oil for free with any 125 PV Loyalty Order placed by May 15th!
The clementine is named after Brother Marie-Clément. Marie-Clément helped run an orphanage in Misserghin,
Algeria during the late 19th century and grew the very first clementine trees in their garden. 
The aroma of
Clementine pairs well with the following essential oils: Arborvitae, Citrus Bliss, Coriander, Grapefruit, Lemon, Spearmint.



15% Off: Geranium 15mL


Beauty’s Best Friend; with Geranium, you can naturally promote the appearance of clear, healthy skin and vibrant hair!
Geranium grows well in both Madagascar and Kenya, where small-scale farmers have been growing these fragrant plants
for decades. The essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves, stock, and flowers of the geranium plant.
Make sure to add Geranium 15mL to your order this month!

15% Off Pricing
Wholesale $26.35 |26.35 PV
Retail $35.13








Month 2 of the new Sleep and Respiratory Wellness Track are now available!

Sleep Month 2 kit
Touch rollers: Serenity 10mL, Magnolia 4mL
Exclusive Gifts: Mini dōTERRA Serenity Body Butter & Gratitude Journal
SKU 60215728
Wholesale $75.00 | 60 PV
Respiratory Month 2 kit

5mL: Laurel Leaf
10mL Touch: doTERRA Breathe
Exclusive gift: Passive Shower Diffuser
SKU 60216087
Wholesale $75.00 | 60 PV