Month: April 2019

Healthy Habits Enrollment Kit  

Wellness is a combination of healthy habits and good lifestyle choices. This kit includes products recommended for daily use in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Item: 60209837 Retail: $210.67 Wholesale: $158.00  Description The Healthy Habits Enrollment Kit includes: doTERRA On Guard® (5 […]

Do it for YOUR health and Wellness!

Get healthy, not just skinny! Exercise, eat right and take theses amazing products to feel your best and get in optimal shape for a healthy lifestyle! This company is focused on health and wellness and giving back! Let me know what you need help with. […]

Turmeric Powder vs. Turmeric Oil







One HOT Mamma

We have oils for all your women issues. Don’t suffer when there are natural products available.

Bronzing Lotion Stick

Looking for a way to get the springtime glow during winter? These bronzing lotion sticks are the answer. These lotion sticks provide extreme moisture for dry winter skin and add a beautiful sun-kissed glow without the rays of the sun. Similar to our Moisturizing Lotion Bars, […]

It’s TICK time!!!

It’s TICK TIME!!! 😱

The pesky little buggers are active and latching onto unsuspecting dogs & cats, as well as your kids & yourself!

It’s pretty worrisome to say the least!

Here are some natural solutions to try.

Here are some cautions in removing ticks and identifying them.