“TerraShield reflects EPA guidelines and regulations as a registered repellent in the US and has tested at greater than 90% efficacy at more than four hours. With this natural repellent, you and your family can enjoy mosquito-free time in nature.” Repellent Blend Calling all outdoor 

Get ready for dōTERRA® Dollar Days!

Get ready for dōTERRA® Dollar Days!

This month, when someone enrolls with a $150 or more enrollment order, they will receive 50 points—or “dōTERRA® dollars”—that can be redeemed for free products! And, in more good news, the Aroma Essentials Collection will count as an exception for this promotion at $149.50! Ready 

Midnight Forest

“Shinrin yoku” is Japanese for forest bathing.

Do you ever feel the need to take a walk among the trees to regain your sense of self and reconnect with nature? Do you ever actually go for that walk?

Enter one of the newest doTERRA® oil blends: Midnight Forest. If you can’t get outside today, then bring the outdoors inside. This piney, spicy blend will help you remain grounded and rejuvenate your space with the aromas of the woods.

Paired with the Pilot® Midnight Diffuser, Midnight Forest will transport you into a dream of lush, green wilderness, no matter where you are.

Great Father’s Day gift!

Midnight Forest Nature Blend 15 mL with Pilōt® Midnight Diffuser

Intuitively we know, and science has long acknowledged, we have a biological need to connect with nature. Spending time among towering trees can help create a sense of well-being. Use in a diffuser or apply topically to create a peaceful, reflective setting. Bring the strength of the forest into your home.

Primary Benefits

Creates a stable and grounding environment

Invokes a peaceful, reflective atmosphere

Brings the strength of forest into your home


Siberian Fir, Cypress, Juniper Berry, Black Spruce, Wild Orange, Frankincense, Pimento Leaf, Pimento Fruit, Cistus, Caraway, and Labdanum

Your Toxic Load Affects Your Body and Quality of Life

You’re exposed to toxins daily. Every breath, every bite, every minute under the sun—they all introduce you to substances and chemicals (natural or synthetic) that can impact your health. Products in the United States contain more than 80,000 chemicals, and most of them are understudied 

Essential Oils for Athletes

Whether you are a professional athlete, a gym rat, or just casually enjoy working out, there are dozens of applications for essential oils that will improve your workout. Essential oils are a natural option for taking care of your body as an athlete. They can 

Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

May 2021 Monthly Specials

When you have an account with us you get a different special every month.  If you are part of the monthly Awards Program, you get free stuff too!
Wow! ! May US promos! 2 oils we need to learn more about! Use 3-6 drops Geranium in your hot tub to help keep our skin healthy before you get in and a
couple drops tea tree and lemon after you get out! Geranium is also key for skin health and anti aging for your face plus a hormone helper❤️
Clementine is free this month!


It’s time for Clementine! With Clementine essential oil, you’ll have the option to clean surfaces naturally, and
provide a sweet citrus smell without worrying about toxins.  Clementines are mainly produced in Brazil for the
fresh fruit industry. The pieces of fruit that can’t be sold (often because of blemishes or bruises) are used to
produce juice and essential oil. This additional use provides farmers with income for fruit that would have
otherwise been wasted.  Do not miss your chance to get this LTO oil for free with any 125 PV Loyalty Order placed by May 15th!
The clementine is named after Brother Marie-Clément. Marie-Clément helped run an orphanage in Misserghin,
Algeria during the late 19th century and grew the very first clementine trees in their garden. 
The aroma of
Clementine pairs well with the following essential oils: Arborvitae, Citrus Bliss, Coriander, Grapefruit, Lemon, Spearmint.



15% Off: Geranium 15mL


Beauty’s Best Friend; with Geranium, you can naturally promote the appearance of clear, healthy skin and vibrant hair!
Geranium grows well in both Madagascar and Kenya, where small-scale farmers have been growing these fragrant plants
for decades. The essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves, stock, and flowers of the geranium plant.
Make sure to add Geranium 15mL to your order this month!

15% Off Pricing
Wholesale $26.35 |26.35 PV
Retail $35.13








Month 2 of the new Sleep and Respiratory Wellness Track are now available!

Sleep Month 2 kit
Touch rollers: Serenity 10mL, Magnolia 4mL
Exclusive Gifts: Mini dōTERRA Serenity Body Butter & Gratitude Journal
SKU 60215728
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Respiratory Month 2 kit

5mL: Laurel Leaf
10mL Touch: doTERRA Breathe
Exclusive gift: Passive Shower Diffuser
SKU 60216087
Wholesale $75.00 | 60 PV